Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:53 am

Cities held hostage - SEC investigating Marlins

Will anything come of this? I guarantee nothing will since this is not the first nor last time something like this has happened. Major League Baseball along with every other major sports league continues to promote actions similar to what the Marlins did. How many cities need to be held hostage? When was the last time an owner built his stadium with his own money? The only thing that has changed is that the owners have become more aggressive and much more bold. The major sports teams know they are so big that most cities will do anything they can to keep the teams in the city. The only ones who get the raw end of the deal are the fans and people who live in the city and county.

It is ridiculous that the ones profiting from building new stadiums are always the ones who put almost no money into them. After paying for Comerica Park and then for Ford Field, construction of new stadiums leaves me bitter. Was there anything wrong with Tiger Stadium or The Silverdome? Nothing other than that they stood in the way of major profit. The talk of building a new stadium to replace Joe Louis Arena is the same.

Not only do the owners profit from increased revenue from new stadiums, they also profit from the land used for the stadiums. Who owns all the cheap waste land used for the new stadiums? The land that instantly becomes extremely valuable since it the site proposed for the new construction? The same people who claim they have no money and will leave town for a city that will build them a new stadium. Just come to Detroit and take a look at the gold mine that is Illitchville.

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