Posted on: July 25, 2012 2:17 pm

Smoking and Golf go together

like a horse and carriage. Quitting smoking really does suck. Headaches, inability to sleep, always on edge, depression, list goes on and on. Playing a very, very slow round of golf yesterday made it almost unbearable. Never noticed how much I truly enjoyed having a cigarrette while waiting for the next shot. Of course it had to be slowest round of league play yet this year, 9 days since my last Camel Light....Damn you R.J. Reynolds, you had me there for a while, I'll tell ya that.

I dont miss smoking at work, can't smoke at the bar anyway, don't miss it at home, or being on the lake, or even driving. However, while standing there on the tee, there was nothing, absolutely nothing I wanted more than to light up a camel light. It wouldn't of even tasted that good with it being so hot out, wouldnt have smoked well either with the wind blowing. Those things did not even matter though. I would've lit one up and enjoyed every puff off that damn thing!

It's now the next day, and I still want a cigarrette after playing golf yesterday. Somehow, still holding out from smoking even one, is having a snowball effect. There is an end to these troubling days, I know since I've seen the end before. Maybe I should just quit playing golf, not like my game is any good now anyways!

Another day down, a new one to go, but nothing makes me miss smoking more than playing a slow (and lousy) round of golf.

Good luck to everyone quitting since it can be done,
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